Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Transformation Series: The Call

Do you remember when all that you wanted to do was be big? My eldest daughter is almost three and she has a list of things that she looks forward to doing when she gets 'big'. This list includes buckling a seat belt all by herself, being able to tie her shoes, going to school, (I'd better cherish this one while it last) being a mommy and much more. My daughter is envisioning her potential. Potential – Do you remember that word in school? School is where I remember it from. My teachers used to write about potential on my progress reports. They would say, "Tquan is so bright and has such great potential. If he would just apply himself then..." and you know the rest. Potential is a word that carries so much weight and hope all at the same time. Our potential is the untapped part of us. My potential is my dormant self that has not awakened from its slumber. It is a part of us that, many times, we don't even know how to reach until someone helps us.

My daughter often says confidently, "I do that when I big,” referring to some future achievement she envisions. Even though her tone says confidence, she still looks at me as if to say 'Right?' She wants some confirmation of this hope that she has, because it is hard for her to believe it without someone else affirming her vision of her future. Why is it so hard for us to see what we could be? I really don't know. There are probably a plethora (I like that word) of reasons. But I do know that everyone that I know who is stretching to reach their full potential can point to people who are being instrumental in their transformation. There are no flowers that blossom without help from the sun, rain and soil.

So I write this to call to action all those that would be the sun, rain and soil for would be blossoming flowers. There is a massive shortage of those who would give of themselves to help someone else to become the truest version of them self. How do I know of this short fall? I say there is a shortage because I see many who are frustrated at this desire to have something more than what they have, but they are not knowing how to grab hold of it. I see families who don't really know what is like to live in peace with each other because they can't even visualize that potential reality. I see church goers who really wish that they were sold out Christ followers, but they don’t know how to get out of the rut of pew sitting. Many just need someone who will walk along side them and encourage them to take each next step to becoming fully who they were meant to be.

Here is my call. Will you be poured out like rain on a person who is withered by life? Will you be like sunshine on someone who has only felt the cold of a harsh world? Will you give of yourself to nurture someone else’s growth, like the soil gives nutrients to the flower? As one who is seeing much untapped potential around me, I ask, with piercing eyes, deep conviction and a sincere heart, will will join me in this movement of transformation?

This is not a movement driven by any institution, constitution or other organized entity. No, this is one man with a passion for the world around him, calling others who share that same passion to turn their passion into action and be poured out for the community of people around them. Will you join his movement? Your world needs you. And frankly, if this resonates in you, then you need to do this. You need it just to live up to your full potential. Consider yourself rained on.

May God give us grace, power and success through his Spirit and may the world be a transformed place because of it.


Ben said...

Thanks for being "rain man" for me tq. In the past, your voice rings in my ears from times when you have said to me, "You're doing a good job. Let someone who's gifted in another area, lead out in that area."

Do you remember what life was like when you wanted a child--but couldn't for some reason? Do you remember those who prayed for that gift?

Today, my new prayer for you is that this new calling for transformation crystallizes & clarifies, that those without vision can be blessed for years to come. As word of truth proclaims, "blessed are those who refresh others, for they themselves will be refreshed!"

Brian Mashburn said...

I am all in with you, Tquan. You can just act as if I am the one "out there" in the classroom of life, listening to your invitation, and raising my hand hysterically hoping to get picked and included with loud hyper-activity! May God bless His transforming plan in us, through us, with us...

Bob G said...

Thanks for the encouragement. When my life is done, I want people to be convinced that the world is a better place because I treated them like Jesus would. You have reflected The Light onto my path. God bless.

Casey said...

Hey man! I just found your blog! I'll be glad to keep up with what you've been up to. Thanks for your work in the Lord's kingdom!