Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A New Way of Accounting.

Dependence on the God is such a beautiful thing, because within dependence our spiritual vision is sharpened and we are able to appreciate, with the vividness of HD, the great love of God for his children. But it seems that in times of prosperity, independence sets in and we forget that we must rely on the Father. So, while enjoying the luxurious life we tend to slip further away from the "Giver of Life".

So what is the remedy of the our human tendency to slip away from our Father's provision in times of prosperity? I propose a new way of accounting. Instead of counting how deep our pockets go, lets count how deep our relationship with the Father is. If we, his children, live luxuriously in his love then the first temptation to turn to independence will feel like throwing away the very air we breathe. Go ahead, try not to breathing for a while. If you try it, then you will find that you will always come back gasping for the very air you tried to live with out. Let's try a new way of accounting and learn where the true luxurious life comes from, because anything else will leave us gasping for our Father.