Thursday, January 15, 2009

What springs from hope?

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What springs from hope? What are the byproducts of having hope in Heaven?

I believe there a many things that arise from the hope of heaven and even more things arise from our hope in a Father who loves us beyond our comprehension. The thing that seems to stir in me when I am full of hope in God is peaceful confidence. Here is what I mean by peaceful confidence. Imagine you and a friend are waiting by a Starbucks in the mall to be picked up by your Dad and taken home. You are supposed to be picked up at 8pm. 8pm rolls around and Dad is not there to pick you up. 8:15 comes and your friend with you begins to get nervous and asks you if your Dad is coming. You calmly assure your friend saying, "He is coming. He always comes." 8:30 rolls around and your friend insists that you give him a call. But you left your phone at home and your friend's phone is dead due to excessive texting. So you tell your friend, “Don’t worry. He is coming. He always comes." 8:45 comes and another friend sees you and says that his mom will take you both home. To which you calmly respond, "My Dad is coming. He always comes." Your friend is not convinced by your words and bails on you, leaving you alone at the mall. 9:00 rolls around and mall security notices that you have been waiting for a while and offers to call your Dad for you. He calls and the phone goes directly to voice mail. You leave a message for your Father telling where you are and that you know he is coming and you will wait for him. 9:15 comes and the malls security asks you to wait outside. So they can lock up the mall. The area of town is not the safest but you calmly sit and wait. 9:30 comes and some people looking for trouble approach you to take your money and to do you harm. You calmly tell them your Father is coming and they look around and laugh, because they see no one. 

At this point in the story it doesn't matter isf the Father shows or not. My point has been made. You have shown that you have hope by displaying a peaceful confidence that says, "My Father is coming. He always comes" 

But to continue the story... as the thugs prepare to take your money, a deep and very authoritative voice calls out and suggests they rethink their actions before things get ugly. The voice is coming from your Dad. He has arrived. As you wonder why he wasn't there to pick you up at 8pm your Father explains. He tells you that the note that was left for him, by your friend who bailed on you, listed the wrong Starbucks as the pick up spot. Then after waiting and looking around you Father used all the battery on his phone trying to call you and all the Starbucks in town and finally after having no luck finding you he drove to each Starbucks before he was able find you. 

Those who are hopeful peacefully wait on God with the certainty that "He is coming. He always comes.