Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How do you make a living as a Christian musician?

How do you make a living as a Christian musician?

This is an answer to a posting that I thought I would post for your reading pleasure.

I am working at making a living at the music thing. I have made head way over the last 3 years. Though I work full time hours, music as a means to completely supporting my family is a ways off.

Some thoughts.
First off, seek God diligently to see if he is calling/allowing/and or prompting you to spend time this way. It is a futile effort go against the stream of God. This is critical. If you aren't called to do this, it doesn't mean that you won't make money but it does mean that you won't see the full potential of what God has in store for you because you will be pursuing something other than your calling.

Second, be diligent/wise about business. Read, ask questions, study trends etc. Yes, I understand that God will make a way and one way, most likely, will be through discipline and wisdom.

Thirdly, Strive to produce a better quality product all the time. Write new songs, rework old ones. Work on your presentation. Whether that is nuts and bolts and/or listening to the Spirit concerning what to do in the moment.

Fourth, Make friends everywhere. You reap what you sow. Many of these friends will need you and you will need them. WARNING: Do not get into friendships so that you can have resources. Care about people first, then you will want give help and others will want to give help to you.Go for the friendship over the resources. The resources will come.

Five, Never tire of booking. Live performances are where you display your product. It is a taste test of sorts and if people enjoy what they have tasted then they will want more.

Six, Make goals. With out any goals you will never reach them.

Seven, Promote. Facebook/youtube/online, radio, business cards. Probably the most difficult thing for me but I think it where yo see the most financial return.

Lastly and most important, pray. This is a risky business but then again so is life.

God Bless