Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It this important?

Conversation between my wife (W) and eldest child (EC)

EC - Momma, What is this? (Looking at a brown smudge on her finger)
W - I don't know. Where did you get it?
EC - From my ear. 
W - Oh, That's ear wax.
EC - (with a slight it of uneasiness in her voice) Is it important?

My wife and I laughed about that conversation for a while. What a good question? Is it important? I wonder how many things that I just let go or hold on to without asking God the question, "Is it important?" How many passing thoughts about someone have I missed because I haven't asked, "Is it important?" How many times have I held on to a wrong done to me without asking, "Is it important?" Life on this earth is only so long. I really want to make the most of what I experience here. My God, please give me the humility to ask you, "Is it important"

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