Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you looked behind your oven?

A raw macaroni elbow, cooked noodles from soup, a pill, a rubber band, Grumpy (from Snow White), several dust elephants (the small ones are bunnies and these were much bigger), all of these items were found behind our oven today as I went to clean up the soup that I had spilled. All of these item have piled up over time.

Also, I saw a friend today who said that he wasn't that tight with Jesus anymore. I asked him about it and I could tell right away, that he was ready to leave that conversation. What my friend was doing was dropping things behind his "oven" to be dealt with later. The problem is that those things that we hide behind our ovens grow. They grow from dust bunnies to elephants or worse.

God is ready to gently clean up things if we let him. The earlier that we let him at those things that are behind our oven the better.

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bj said...

Great thoughts! Love you guys.