Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Do.m4v

I wrote this song for my wife in 2010 for our anniversary. I love you, deeply.

Song: I Do
Artist: Tquan Moore
© Tquan Moore All Rights Reserved

Would you care to take dive
Into the caverns in my mind
The thoughts way deep inside

Peel back the layers of my heart and
Reveal the rhythms of my soul
the beats that make whole.

Not sure if language can attest
But I'm giving it my best.

I do, I do. I am still in love with you.
I do, I do. Before we promised it I knew.
It's true, It's true. With all the time that slips away
If asked I still will say.
I Do.

I am holding on to you
Until the daisies are pushed away.
I am holding through that day

And in times of disappointment
And when the pain comes on so strong
I'll be holding on





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