Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Violent Freedom

The freedom that Jesus offers is violent to our lives, yet freeing for our souls. Our lives will not stay the same and neither will our souls. They will be truly free. Notice Lyrics from the bridge of Third Day's song "Who I am" -
"And I know that you want to change me
Want to rearrange the way I feel inside
Yes, I've heard that you take
The broken hearts of lonely souls
And make all things right"
Beautifully spoken and my heart has witnessed it's truth. - TQ

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Pate The Great's Papa said...

Hey bud,

So disappointed that I couldn't connect with you last night... Thank you so much for the e-vite... How was it?

Lindsey's cousin died last week and all of the comings and goings surrounding that event just made attending Sunday night a poor choice...

Anyway, I still hope to find a time to connect with you... If you have any other gigs coming up, let me know... Or just give me a buzz and we can set up a time to meet...

Much Love,