Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life of a rock star. (From a bird's perspective)

Well, I am in the middle of getting this CD and music career launched and when you do that, it requires that you have pictures of yourself - good ones. Not just one of you of you and your friends making faces in the camera. So, I schedule a photo shoot. I know it sounds kind or pre-madonna -ish, but it seems that is how it goes down in this business. I have a photographer take me to some spots that he has scouted in downtown Houston and we get started. He has me stand there and I am in my best 'musicians shirt' and he begins the whole rapid fire picture taking thing. So, people are passing by, of course, because it is downtown and I have that uncomfortable feeling because it is really awkward to have a person taking tons of pictures of you. People are stopping and trying to figure out who is this guy that is getting all these pictures taken. It was all really kind of weird to me.

A few moments into the session I am realizing that it appears that I someone famous and I realize that all I did was pay someone to take pictures. While realizing this, I am also realizing that this is not that big of a deal and I am not that big of deal - not to put myself down and/or not to elevate myself above anyone else. Well, I believe God gave me some help in remembering not to elevate myself.

In the middle of the session, as I am striking a pose yet one more time, I hear a couple of rain drops on this very clear Sunday afternoon. As I begin to surmise that those can't be rain drops, the biggest drop lands right on the top of my head. When I took into account that there is a huge flock of birds hanging out near by and once I saw that the 'drop of rain' on my head was brown, I became confident that a bird had pooped on head in the middle of my photo shoot. I went form rock star to toilet in a matter of seconds.

What a funny way to be reminded that God is always helping me to be humble. Thank-you God for the reminder. Point well taken and with a smile.

One last thing before I end. Remember, If you get a big head you become an easier target for birds.

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chrisnkeri said...

Yes! Thank you for that great insight! My head feels smaller already-I might just fit in the room in a minute.