Sunday, September 23, 2007

Being vouched for.

I am beginning a music label called TQ Music and Ministry through which I can create and promote the music God has given me. To make this company a reality and not just a dream there comes this need for capital, cashola, benjamins or whatever you call it. So, I sent out some emails and talked with some people and I began to receive investors. All of these investor have been people who have known me for years except for one investor. Those investors who have known me continue to show there love and support of me. Many of them don't know a thing about the music business but yet in still they have invested in me, which is extremely humbling and a treasure that is far greater than the amount invested. With all of this great love I have been showered with, I came to one investor that has just totally perplexed me and I believe has given me a living example of the relationship between God the father and Jesus the son.

This family that I am referring to does not know me. I think we had one crossing of paths years ago, but that is about it. But I do know their son and I heard from their son that they wanted to invest and I mean really invest. I thought great that is awesome, I will call them and we will talk details and answer all their questions and once they hear everything then maybe they will be ready to invest. So, I made the phone call and asked if they had any questions. They said 'no'. I asked if anything needed to be explained. They said, "No. We wouldn't even know what to ask. But they did told me that their son spoke highly of me. So with that recommendation they were in. Just like that - with no questions, no heavy examination, no doubt and with just the son's recommendation their resources became the resources of Tq Music and Ministry.

In the later chapters of the Gospel of John (chapter 14 and following), Jesus tells his disciples that he is going to the Father and if they remain in relationship with him then they can ask for anything in his name and they will receive it, because Jesus knew them. Jesus has said that through him they have full access to the resources of God. Much like I knew the son of these investors and their resources became available. If we know Jesus then, the Fathers resources are made available because he trusts his son.

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