Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In Between

In the story where Jesus is walking on the water and Peter comes out to him, we see the faith of Peter when he says, ‘Lord, if it is you tell me to come out on the water and I will’ and then we see Pete’s faith waiver after he has walked on the sea for a while. His faith brought him far enough away from the boat that he wasn’t swimming back and he had not yet reached Jesus. He was in between. While he was in between is when he noticed the waves and wind. The time in between is probably the hardest for us all to navigate. If we find ourselves in between, then it means that we, like Peter, had enough faith to initially step out siply based on Jesus’ word. It seems that when we are walking according to what Jesus has told us, then this is when the real hardship comes. It’s when the finances dry up, someone gets sick, or things just aren’t going as planned and we can’t see answers to those problems. When we notice the storm and wonder how we will get through it, then we have taken our eyes off of the very one who is the answer to the storm. Let’s stick to the faith the got us out of the boat in the first place and anticipate Jesus being the answer to the difficulties while we are “in between.”


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