Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Spiritual Workout

My wife asks me the other day, “How can joy be strength?” Which I thought was a good question. ‘The joy of the Lord will be my strength’ is a song Ihave sung and a verse that I have read for years. I sang it with excitement but it is one of those things that if you would have asked me about, then it would have taken some stumbling around in my mind to come up with... “ Uh, I am not sure”. With that said, this is my best shot right now. In Hebrew 12:1-3 it states that Jesus for the Joy put in front of him endured the cross. There seems to be something about going through hardship and knowing that once you get through it everything will be just right, knowing that the when the is over more than you can imagine will be accomplished, and knowing that if you see this through, then the world will be different. I believe those thoughts brought Jesus joy and with that joy in his heart it gave him the strength to bear the sin of all mankind and the death that would pay for it. God has given us all a picture of great joy that is to come with him? Let that joy be the workout the strengthens your spiritual muscles.

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